3 x Ouled Thaleb White, Morocco

30% Chardonnay

30% Grenache Blanc

20% Clairette

10% Colombard

10% Faranah

3 x Ouled Thaleb White, Morocco

  • three bottles of our Ouled Thaleb white wine blend

    Blending five grapes is a tricky path to tread - which makes it even more impressive that this wine is so wonderfully balanced, and for that the winemaker deserves real credit.

    One of the grapes is the barely-discovered 'Faranah' -  not yet planted beyond Morocco's borders - which brings floral and aromatic flavours. The Colombard brings acidity, the Chardonnay brings the body, the Grenache Blanc brings a touch of sweetness (though this is a dry wine) and the more delicate Clairette lifts the whole affair up into something quite high brow.

    What at first looks like a random medley is actually a masterpiece of blending. But ultimately, this wine is refreshing - a drink that will simultaneously quench your thirst but leave you wanting more.