who we are 


We're an independent importer, representing outstanding vineyards from countries that the world of wine forgot about.


The wine industry is way too complicated, and nowhere near diverse enough.


Plus, winemakers aren't getting enough credit for their work.

We decided it was time for a bit more variety, and a bit less nonsense.


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our story

After a trip to Georgia together in 2018, we realised that some of the world's oldest and most interesting wine producing countries were hugely under-represented.

We started looking into wine a bit more, and we thought it was really weird that wine labels often don't tell you about the grapes, or the people who worked hard to make it.


So we started importing wine ourselves.

In Autumn 2019, we sold our first bottle of wine at a farmers market in Hertfordshire.

Since then, we've opened an online store, hosted a bunch of tastings and introduced our wine to shops, bars and restaurants across the UK.

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It might seem weird to have a full section dedicated to packaging, but we love ours so we couldn't help it.


We have partnered with Flexi-Hex - who make packaging out of FSC Certified paper and a hexagon lattice sleeve made from 85% recycled pulp. 

They're  plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.


They also look amazing.

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